“He held her hand like it was a mystery, one he couldn’t quite believe”

June 22, 2010

I love those lyrics. It’s from a song called “Jack and Jill” by Kim Richey. Listen to it, if you get a chance.

S0 my boyfriend is lying on the floor of my room, sleeping on a rug layered with thick  blankets, to make a makeshift bed. My mom said he could sleep in my room as long as it was on the floor and the door remained wide open so that she could check up on us periodically. I think we both crashed as soon as we hit our designated sleeping spots. We fell asleep around three, and I’m sure he would have stayed up longer if he could, but I was exhausted. He’s still sleeping, but here I am, lying awake, writing a blog entry.

Oh wait, he just woke up. I’ll finish this later. Time to eat breakfast! Au revoir.


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