Matisyahu, Sesame oil, temple, and other lovely things;

June 26, 2010

Let me just first ask: does anybody want to buy me Matisyahu tickets? He’s coming to the Boca Raton area (of course), and I ADORE him! He’s such an amazing singer. Quoting someone that said this before, “I love Jews that sound like Jamaicans”.

Also, I have this new fascination with sesame oil. I’m going to have to start posting some recipes of mine that I use with sesame oil. Something really simple, that I find delicious, is udon noodles with sesame oil and Ponzu citrus soy sauce. I ate a whole package of udon noodles in one sitting because I love them SO much with sesame oil and soy sauce. Yum!

As for temple, I went this morning (of course! Shabbat Shalom, btw), with my boyfriend. It was his first time ever going, and he actually liked it. He said he would go back again, which I found surprising but it’s pretty cool(: We made this deal that I would learn more about he things he loves, if he does the same for me. We read from the Siddur today at temple, and it was my first time reading from it, so it was nice to do that with him and not feel as uncomfortable when I got lost in the Hebrew transliteration.

So, tonight, my friend is coming over and she’ll be sleeping over tonight and tomorrow. We’re probably going to go and eat at Chipotle (yummy!) and maybe go visit some friends. I’m excited.

Well, I’m off.

Much love always,

The Jewbie


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