July 1, 2010

So, I got my braces on today, as you can clearly tell by the title of the post.  I was kind of late getting into the appt, but the lady got all of it done today, and it looks great. I got aqua as the band color, because it’s a color that makes me happy and I figure it I get upset about my braces I can just look at the color of them and cheer myself up.

First thing about them noted: It’s hard to floss. EXTREMELY hard. Second: Spaghetti is not a good food choice to eat with braces, if you don’t like the look of have noodles stuck between the wires.

Today will be a short post, because I am trying to eat and so I want to finish this quickly. I might post more later, if you’re lucky.

Last them, I’m crocheting a yarmulke (finally!). It’s a really pretty salmon pink color and it’s actually coming out alright so far (considering this is my first time crocheting something)

Love lots,

The Jewbie


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