The Siddur, the Torah, the Talmud, Yarmulkes, Tzniut, and other Jewish Lovelies

July 19, 2010

So, I ordered a pocket version of the Torah and the Siddur off of amazon, and I’m hoping that I receive them soon. You don’t even know how elated I am to be getting them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the Talmud quite yet, but I should be getting one soon, to keep on my bookshelf. I got the pocket version of the other two books so that I can take them with me and study and do my prayers wherever I am (because, being relatively sort of new to all of this, I have yet to memorize the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening prayers. They’re LONG.)

Also, I got my yarmulke today. It’s a beautiful black beaded one, and to the Untrained Jewish Eye, it looks like a small beret, kind of. I am so excited for it! I wore it all over after I got it. I have to work up the nerve to wear it around my friends and my other family members (I’m still visiting my bro), but I think I’ll be able to do it. I would have gotten a Tallit too, but MAN, they are SO expensive.

So have I mentioned yet that I’m trying to follow Tzniut? Be proud of me, it’s a big step. I am taking it little by little, you know? But I’ll get there eventually, and it makes me feel so empowered, you know? It makes me feel so good that I’m doing something for G-d, and that with my Kippah are reminders of Hashem and my love for him. It’s just so empowering and amazing, all of it. I love it!

I think I’m going to try and go to a conservative synagogue either this weekend or next, only because they fit my beliefs better (in the way that the Halakha is binding but changes a little with time, and that the Torah was G-d inspired but written by people). I’m kind of nervous and excited all at once, because only being to a Reform synagogue, I don’t really know what to expect.

I’ve also tried to pray more, and follow the Halakha of praying after a meal, when washing hands, before eating bread, (lol lots of food prayers!) etc. I can’t wait to get my Siddur so that I can start doing the morning, afternoon and evening prayers. I also can’t wait to get my Torah so I can start studying and following along with the Torah Portion of the Week by myself, just in case I miss temple.

Also, I’m trying to keep Kosher, which is actually really hard because I love pepparoni and bacon and cheese on my hamburgers.

With love,

The Jewbie


2 Responses to “The Siddur, the Torah, the Talmud, Yarmulkes, Tzniut, and other Jewish Lovelies”

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    • thejewbie Says:

      I think the Jews you are refering to are the Chassidic Jews, and I really can’t answer as to why they were black suits, because I have a limited knowledge on Hasidism. I’ve heard it has to do with how in medieval times, Jews weren’t allowed to wear the bright colors that everyone else could wear, and were forced to wear black. I think it’s just a remembrance of that, and it also has to do with Tzniut, which is a modesty law.
      This woman looks like she has the answer right right:

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