Sloth and Gluttony

August 1, 2010

Those are my two deadly sins for today. I’m supposed to be helping to clean the house (little by little, as my mom says) to get ready for a surprise party she’s (my mom) holding for her boyfriend’s 60th birthday. Vacuuming the house, dusting my room, putting away my clothes ( I have this terrible habit of leaving them all on my big, pink, comfy chair near my mirror), amongst many other things. I don’t like cleaning. I mean, I am a relatively clean person, but my mom is like the Clean Police and she likes everything to literally be SPOTLESS. And she has a certain way of cleaning things, so it’s her way our the highway. So because she makes cleaning so difficult, I’ve learned to like it less and less. Let me just let out a loud, exasperated, UGH!

As for another thing, I LOVE Chef Boyardee, which is nothing new, but I’ve been eating a lot of the Chef’s food recently (is it even Kosher? Probably not, but man, can that man cook!) My boyfriend thinks it’s disgusting, heck, everyone I know thinks that my Chef fetish (okay, it’s not quite a fetish, but still I JUST LOVE THE MAN’S COOKING, what can I say?) is just gross. Well, pooh-pooh on them.

So, I’m listening to Jack Johnson. Man, can that man ever SING. I went to his concert in Baltimore (the same night Matisyahu was playing! MAN, do I EVER want to see Matisyahu!<3) and he was just amazing. He doesn’t have exceptional stage presence or anything, but his voice is so melodic and his music so soothing, I love it. (I’ve been lovin’ a lot of stuff lately, haven’t I?)

Can I just say that Rabbi’s are terrible at emailing or calling someone back? I’ve had two or three different instances where I’ve called AND emailed a Rabbi, and none of them ever got back to me. What is it with them and technology?

So, I’m off to clean, eat, sleep, get up, get ready, and (hopefully) do something interesting tonight (my mom says I should take a break, since I’ve been running around every single day and night for about two months straight now. I say, break shmeak, it’s SUMMER! I need some fun in my life, all day err day on da daily.)

(PS. Number of times I said the word “man” in this post: 5. That’s a lot)

Au revoir wordpress!

With so much love to my devoting (nonexistent) readers,

The Jewbie


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