Third blog today

August 1, 2010

So I’m like going on a blog craze today (which isn’t so bad seeing as before today, I only had 11 blogs written of the span of the last two months. Just 11! But that’s more or less because I kept forgetting to write, and not because I didn’t want to.) Well, anyway, so I’m reading this one girls blog, (  and she’s freakin’ hilarious, in the way that it’s some MAJOR nostalgia and I remember having the same exact thoughts and doing the same exact things. It’s like a big trip down memory lane. Anyway, I found out about her (and some of my new other fave bloggers) from boards (major geek status, right?). I have to admit though, my all time FAVORITE blogger at the moment? frumpunk (the link should be on the side or something around this page somewhere. check him out, he’s an AWESOME jewish frum blogger!) as well as Jewlicious (but what kind of Jew would I be if I didn’t like Jewlicious? I have to admit, some of their stuff makes me depressed, but I love love LOVE them.)

So on another note, my mom is making some type of vegetable stew whatever thing that I just had to chop up a whole bunch of unneeded vegetables for. But it kind of looks good. Kind of.

And, in just four more short weeks, I’ll be entering my junior year in high school and my frehsman year in college! Wish me luck, I hope I do well and that I love it! I’m so exited about it. See, where I live we have dual enrollment which means I can take classes at the local community college while simultaneously earning high school and college credit for the classes I’m taking at community college. I’m doing full time there this year, instead of taking a couple college classes and mostly high school classes. I just felt like I wasn’t being challenged and I was just so uninterested in the work that I was doing. Boringgg. But now I can take classes that I like (and hopefully, I’ll do well in them!)

Also, I’m going to New York soon to visit my mom’s family and I really want to visit Borough Park (it’s the only Chassidic/Orthodox community I know of up there) and maybe I can find some cute frum stores to shop in or something. I can’t wait to go. The family I’m staying with lives like right next to the mountains, so you look out from the window and there they all are, and they have acres of land surrounding their house, and it’s really just like staying at a resort. It’s so beautiful and peaceful and tranquil and  relaxing, I just am so excited to go!

I also need to do more Torah studying. I don’t do that enough. I also haven’t been davening all that much the past couple of days. So much for trying to be a more observant Jew. But I have been keeping tznius! Go me, once again!

So my boyfriend just got back from a trip to see in his cousins. His cousin that he was visiting lives in the same town as mine, and I haven’t seen my cousin since fifth grade (six years!). I miss him so much, it’s insane. He’s one week younger than me, and I feel most connected to him out of anyone in my family because of that (even though we hardly ever talk). It’s not that I don’t want to see him, it’s more or less that I can’t because I stopped having visitation with my father  six years ago (the last time I saw any of that side of my family). I mean, I can’t say that I miss my dad-that’s just a long story in itself, but I do miss my family so much and I feel like I can’t see them until I make amends with my dad, which I’ve tried doing, but I just can’t.

Also, the weather is getting progressively hotter. To anyone that thinks Florida is beautiful all year around, let me guarantee you something: 80% of the year, it’s the hottest place to be. Hotter than any other state. And the other 20%? It’s the coldest state to be in, excluding Alaska, though I’ve never been there. I can imagine though. It’s not helping that my AC is old and it’s a constant 82+ degrees in here.

Well anyway, because I am a chocoholic, I’m going to go eat  Hershey’s bar while I look at cake idea’s for my mom’s boyfriend’s birthday cake (With as much junk that I eat, I’m wondering how I manage to stay thin. I’ll probably be rather large once I get older and my metabolism catches up to me, and then I’ll be waving good by to the day’s of Hershey’s and Dr. Pepper).

With so much love and so little time,

The Jewbie


One Response to “Third blog today”

  1. Cassidy Says:

    Hey I’m Cassidy (A.K.A The freaking hilarious nostalgic girl :D)I like your blog and you seem very funny. I hope to read more.

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