Surprise party, exhaustion, and crankiness

August 7, 2010

Shabbat Shalom! Except I haven’t gone to temple in a good three weeks, and honestly, it’s making me feel really weird. I really need-not want, but need-to go there this week.

So, the surprise party went pretty awesome. These last couple of stressful days have led up to a really amazing couple of hours, and I think my moms boyfriend really loved it. You should have seen the look of surprise and sheer happiness on his face. It was so great. And there was so much delicious food and drinks, and so many people and I loved it.

It only turned sour when my boyfriend wanted to go home and I ended up acting like a brat about it (I was just so tired already, and I was stressed out from this week, and it was just a topper. I had been looking forward to it, and him leaving just topped off the shitty week I  had been having, excluding the couple hours of the party.) And so we ended up fighting, or rather, I was being mad and crying a ton and he was just taking it, and it stayed like that for a while. I cried the hardest I’ve cried in years (and that’s saying a lot, because I’m a crybaby) and for proof-I’ve had puffy eyes and a stuffy nose for the last couple of hours.  I mean, I was bawling like  a baby, it was pretty bad.  But we made up and I’m going to go see him tomorrow (or rather, later today) and get a milkshake at Steak & Shake probably.

I could never tell you how much I love that boy and how I always want to spend every single second with him, it’s insane. And what’s even more insane is that it’s been about a year and a half and I still get so excited to see him, like tonight, I can’t go to sleep because I’m way too excited to see him tomorrow.  Is that sad?  I mean, a year and a half next week and I still get butterflies, giddiness and super excited, everything. I just absolutely adore him so much.

So I’m breaking the mitzvot of being Kosher, because I’m eating a sausage. Trust me, I feel disgusting, but it’s so good! This is my last one, I have to promise myself no more pig-related foods after this. Except maybe those toasted pork & beef raviolis that are calling my name from the fridge…but after that, NO MORE!

Have you ever noticed how much better food tastes after you get done crying and being sad? Food is so much more delectable after that. Maybe sadness and self-pity heightens the flavors? I don’t know.

So I’m breaking out, again. My face was so clear for a while! And now, my pimples are back and are making my face their home once again, probably for good this time. Maybe I just need to live somewhere where there isn’t much humidity, because I think all of the water in the air is clogging my pores and making it so much worse. I HATE FLORIDA SO MUCH. I really shouldn’t say that, no, I just dislike you immensely, Florida. IMMENSELY.

Well, I’m off.

With more than the adequate daily recommended amount of lovin’,

The Jewbie


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