A couple things,

August 29, 2010

and yes, I know that I’m late on most of this. It’s not that I didn’t know about it when it was happening, it’s just that I was surfing youtube for the first time in a really long time and I was reminded of a few things, such as how there are some really crappy parents in this world. I feel so sorry for the kids that have parent’s like that. For example, does anybody remember the “Balloon Boy” incident where the parent’s kid, Falcon, allegedly took off (or at least they thought he did) in some weird looking balloon thing his parent’s built, but in reality he was in his house the entire time? Yeah, those people. The one’s that exploit there kids, and in case you weren’t quite convinced of that by that little stunts, or from Wife Swap, or the countless interviews they put their kids up to even though little Falcon was throwing up during one (and his father just looked at him like “Really? I’m trying to save our little lie that you and your six year old self almost destroyed and your throwing up? Wow,” here’s something that, if you haven’t seen yet, you should now and I’m sure it’ll convince you just fine that this people have terrible parenting skills:

Really? Did they really have their children say that kind of stuff? Jeez, I’m about to turn 17 and if I ever said any of that, I would be grounded fast then you can say “Not Pussified”. I’m surprised that CPS (Child Protection Services) haven’t been called on these people yet.

And on another note, I’m sure everyone remembers Jessi Slaughter, the 7th grader (no, really, I did the math and she should be in seventh, or possibly entering 8th grade) who became a Stickam stuck up and tried to gain fame by putting herself out there (if you know what I mean) internet style. She reminds me of a more annoying, obnoxious, younger version of Boxxy (if you don’t know who she is, look her up). And she has fooled her parent’s so well into thinking that she’s this poor helpless little girl, when in reality she is such an attention seeker, and I’m not saying that not everyone her age is, because for the most part, they are, but most of them don’t go to this length to get attention. I honestly, I don’t know whether I feel more sorry for the parent’s for having to put up with her, or for her for having parent’s that raised her to act like this.

Okay, I’m sorry for all that, I know it’s not my place to judge, but it made me a little angry to see people act like this. First, exploiting your own children, and then, abusing the internet in the worst possible way just to achieve fame.

I’m sorry for any bad grammar or run on sentences in this post, but when I’m angry conventional English is of no use to me (this coming from the aspiring novelist, of all people).

With so much love in hopes that you won’t end up like this,

The Jewbie


2 Responses to “A couple things,”

  1. Yes, indeed those parents, and people in general are pretty horrible. It’s amazing what people will do for the smallest amount of attention.

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