Updates upon updates, and yes, more updates

August 31, 2010

Heyyyy everybody! Long time no see (or no see at all…?)!

Anyway, I started my freshman year of college yesterday (and my junior year of high school)! It was AWESOME. I have such amazing teachers. I have a Biology of Human Sexuality teacher that insists on teaching us with porn movies and who uses words such as “69” etc, I have an American History teacher who is very opinionated and can make history actually seem relatively interesting and understandable, I have an English (freshman comp) teacher that is HILARIOUS, a Sociology teacher who was absent today (so we watched a movie with a sub instead), and a World Religious Traditions teacher, that, although I will never meet him in person (because this is my one online class) he seems super nice and very interesting. So, yay! I’m so excited for college! I’ve also been getting from so many people that they are so proud of me because I’m only 16 (17 in a few weeks) and I’m already starting college. Hopefully I’ll keep loving it as much as I do now. It seems like a bit of work, but not the same as in high school where they baby sit you the whole day and give you busy work, but this seems like a lot of actual real work which I don’t mind and actually enjoy.

Also, I got moved up (finally!) groups in swimming yesterday, which means I’m finally with my age range (I only started in February, so I had to perfect my strokes a little bit with another, younger group of course, before I could go to the group I’m supposed to be in). It is way harder though. Two hours of continuous swimming, and then 15 minutes of drylands (stretching; it’s kind of like conditioning). But I’m so happy to finally move up groups, because I finally feel like I belong.

So, I’m off to go start a pile of homework.

Much love as always,

the Jewbie

(ps, my friend now calls me “jewbie” because of the moniker I have chosen for this blog)


2 Responses to “Updates upon updates, and yes, more updates”

  1. Wow! College + High School? That’s pretty hardcore. Good luck with everything!

    And, my friend every now and then calls me Spazz… But I don’t know if that’s because I’m truly a spazz, or because of my pseudonym.

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