September 12, 2010

I’ve been feeling kind of bad because just as I was getting a ton of readers, I got overloaded with school work, swim practice, my social life, and my mom ending up in the hospital. So I’ve been busy. My sincerest apologies, loves.

So like I was saying, my mom ended up in the hospital, borderlining have a stroke, but she’s doing fine now, and I’m very thankful for that. It’s really hard to see a parent in the hospital because in yours eyes, they’re supposed to be invincible, and this just brings us to the reality that they’re not. It’s a weird reality.

Also, I got in touch with my childhood best friend. I met her in kindergarten, and we were best friends until I moved away in fourth grade, and even then we were best friends, but we started losing touch, and we stopped talking altogether when sixth grade came around. And I haven’t seen or heard from her since then, but I found her on facebook. Which was a real chance thing, because recently I’ve been looking up all of my friends from that time, and I ended up finding one of my old friends who I’ve known since preschool, and we lost touch to. And I talked to her, and I mentioned how I’ve been trying to find my other friend, and she ended up being friends with her (I know this is real confusing, lol. Sorry guys :/) So anyway, I added her, and now my friend and I (the one I met in kindergarten) are back in touch, and we actually hung out over the weekend, and the funny thing is, is that we still click. Like, we can still predict each others every move and it’s so nice to finally be talking again. I’ve been looking for her since we’ve lost touch, and I guess I’ve been spelling her last name wrong all these years, but it’s SO awesome to have finally found her. I’m happy to have her back in my life.

Well, loves, I have so much homework to do, and this is just my way of procrastinating.

Loving you till death do us part,

The Jewbie


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