Rip offs, school, winter vay-kay, and Michael Franti

December 18, 2010

Let’s start this off with being ripped off: Mall-style.

I went to the mall a couple days ago with my mom. While she shopped and returned some things, I went down to the food court to grab a quick bite to eat. I saw this gelato place and they had this yummy-looking gelato/crêpe meal thing (gelato+crêpes? DELISH. count me in!), so of course I had to order it. Well, the lady rang me up, and said it was $4.96. I wasn’t paying attention, so I forked over the two $5’s in my hand, and she gave me back $.04 in change. I noticed I was missing a $5, so I told the lady that I thought I accidently gave her two $5’s. She argued with me (and I’m not a very take-initiative type of person) so I ended up just walking away with a crappy gelato-crêpe and $5 dollars less in my pocket. Moral of this story: TALK TO THE MANAGER. I could’ve used that money for coffee or something.

Next: School & Winter vay-kay (vacation for all of you not “hip” or “down” with teen lingo). So I finished off my first semester as a college freshman (and my first semester as a high school junior!) with a lot of success. I met so many cool, new friends, I had awesome classes and amazing professors, and I’ve had such an awesome experience so far. I’ve also been way more busy lately (thus the lack of blogging) what with school and interning for PunkTorah, and friends and all. But I’ve had SUCH an awesome semester!

And last but not least (sorry for the short post!): Michael Franti & Spearhead have become my new go-to favorite happy music, and I think it should be yours, too.


With so much love spanned over a great length of time,

The Jewbie


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