car accident and Hashem,

June 27, 2010

So I was in a car accident last night. My mom was driving my friend and I back to my friend’s place so that she could get her sleepover things together. As we were driving back home, one of those huge tractor trucks that carries all of the cars (I don’t know what they’re actually called, but they’re huge and can either haul many cars). Well anyway, this one didn’t have cars on it, but it was still really heavy.

It was two in the morning and we’re driving down the road, when this huge truck pulls up behind us in the left lane (we were in the right) and hits our bumper pretty hard. It sped up and then hit us again, intentionally pushing us off the road (the truck ended up in the right lane and stayed there). If it hadn’t been for my moms quick thinking, we probably would’ve either A) flipped or B) ran into some gates that we, at one point, got really close to (they’re apartment gates that enclose apartment complexes). We ended up on the sidewalk, going pretty fast. But my mom did this maneuver that saved us from getting hurt worse.

The weird thing is is that the side of our car, which got hit the hardest (and it was pretty hard), didn’t have any damage done to it. No dents or even a little scratch. Although the drivers side mirror was hit and some of the plastic around it is coming off, and the left back light near the bumper is smashed in and shattered, but for the most part, the car was just fine, and it shouldn’t have been. We all thought is was going to be messed up, because of how hard we were hit but it was fine.

Another weird thing was that my mom wasn’t supposed to be taking us to my friend’s I was. And Lord know’s that if I had been in the same position as my mom, driving as we got hit, then my friend and I would have either been really hurt (we probably would have flipped or crashed, because I, with less experience then my mom, wouldn’t have been able to think as fast) or worse. It was really chance that my mom took us, she decided it on the spot. And they’re are some really other chance-y things that I won’t go into, but the point of this story being that I have never felt closer to G-d before last night, because we walked out of that situation unhurt and without much damage to our car, when it should have been the complete opposite.

It’s kind of weird how these things work out, you know? They make you appreciate your life a little bit more, and they bring you closer to Hashem, which was probably the point. He kept me safe but made me realise that I needed him.

Love always,

The Jewbie


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