July 4, 2010

Can I just say that I’m OBSESSED? I would love to go see him when he comes to Florida later this month, but I’m just not cut out to pay $40 bucks for a ticket, and neither are my friends, who I would have to bring in order to go.
That sucks.
So my braces are….not getting any better. At all. But it’s only been a couple of days, so I guess that’s to be expected. I had this huge blister on the inside of my lip that I had to cover with this stuff that’s supposed to numb and heal it. I’ve also used a ton of wax in the past three days, because my braces have been cutting up my mouth and causing me to bleed. Everyone says it should get better in a couple more days, that it only takes a week for my mouth to start getting more used to it. I hope that’s true.
I’m also leaving to go see my bro soon and stay with him for a couple of weeks. I am so psyched!
I had to miss temple this past week, and I’ll have to miss it again for the next two weeks, which I’m upset about. But I found this temple that streams online called Roots of Faith, so I’ll be watching them to get my Shabbat needed dose of Hashem.
Today is fourth of July! Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope it goes wonderfully for all of you.
I’m still sleepy so I’m gonna go catch some more shut eye.
Much love,
The Jewbie


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